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Neuroscience research makes use of scholarship and experimental tools that bridge across many scientific disciplines. Researchers in the Neuroscience cluster aim to prepare students for the full spectrum of careers in neuroscience research, education, and outreach within this highly multidisciplined field. Research foci include the molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative and neuropathogenic processes, hormonal influences on behavior, dynamics of neural circuit development, and computational neuroscience. The cluster benefits from associations with Notre Dame’s research initiatives in the areas of rare and neglected diseases, drug design, advanced diagnostics, vector biology, and applied mathematics.

Image: Confocal microscopy identifies both normal and ectopic axonal projections from photoreceptors of transgenic Drosophila. Image courtesy of the laboratory of Joe O'Tousa.



Cody J. Smith (website>)
Department of Biological Sciences
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Participating Faculty

Katrina Adams

Biological Sciences

We ask how different populations of neural stem and glial progenitor cells within the mammalian brain respond to injury and disease including in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

Francis Castellino

Chemistry and Biochemistry

In vitro and in vivo relationships between hemostasis and inflammation

Juan Del Valle

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Design, chemical synthesis, biological evaluation of modulators of protein-protein interactions, ER stress response inhibitors, non-ribosomal peptide natural products; cancer, neurodegenerative disease, bacterial infections

Jeffrey Feder

Biological Sciences

Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of interactions between disease carrying insects and their human hosts; Chagas, malaria

Holly Goodson

Chemistry and Biochemistry; Biological Sciences

Molecular and cell biology and biophysics

Kasturi Haldar

Biological Sciences

Understanding disease pathology and developing treatments in rare and neglected diseases

David R. Hyde

Biological Sciences

Visual System Development and Dysfunction

Joseph O'Tousa

Biological Sciences

Photoreceptor function and processes of retinal degeneration

Christopher Patzke

Biological Sciences

Human Neurons and Synapses: Development, Function and Disease

Robert Rosenbaum

Applied & Computational Mathematics & Statistics

Computational Neuroscience, Motor Learning, Cortical Microcircuits

Molly Duman Scheel

Medical and Molecular Genetics (IUSM-SB) and Biological Sciences (ND)

Genetic and comparative analysis of invasive cellular growth; vector mosquito developmental genetics

Cody J. Smith

Biological Sciences

Development and Regeneration of the Nervous System

Zoltan Toroczkai


Network modeling in biochemistry, biophysics, and biology

Kevin Vaughan

Biological Sciences

Molecular basis of organelle transport