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Cellular & Molecular Biology

Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology

Researchers in the IBMS Cellular & Molecular Biology cluster use multifaceted experimental approaches to understand the molecular mechanisms of biological processes and their contribution to the function of cells, tissues, and organisms. Ongoing research ranges from investigations of fundamental molecular processes - such as regulation of gene expression, intracellular trafficking, cellular homeostasis, and cell division - to studies of cellular differentiation and the development of complex, multicellular biological structures. Students in the cluster will gain an appreciation of the molecular and cellular underpinnings of biological form and function.

Image: Deconvolution microscopy of mitotic cells showing the spindle assembly checkpoint. Image courtesy of the laboratory of Kevin Vaughan.


Cellular & Molecular Biology

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Department of Biological Sciences
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Participating Faculty

Katrina Adams

Biological Sciences

We ask how different populations of neural stem and glial progenitor cells within the mammalian brain respond to injury and disease including in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

Francis J. Castellino

Chemistry and Biochemistry

In vitro and in vivo relationships between hemostasis and inflammation

Patricia A. Champion

Biological Sciences

Molecular genetics of mycobacterial protein secretion and pathogenesis

Patricia L. Clark

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Protein biophysics in living cells

Crislyn D'Souza-Schorey

Biological Sciences

Signal integration and cancer progression

Ana Lidia Flores-Mireles

Biological Sciences

Molecular, Cellular, and Immunological Analysis of the Pathogenesis of Catheter-associated Infections

Holly Goodson

Chemistry and Biochemistry; Biological Sciences

Molecular and cell biology and biophysics

Kasturi Haldar

Biological Sciences

Understanding disease pathology and developing treatments in rare and neglected diseases

David R. Hyde

Biological Sciences

Visual System Development and Dysfunction

Shaun Lee

Biological Sciences

Molecular microbiology and biosynthesis of peptide antibiotics

Jianneng Li

Biological Sciences

My laboratory focuses on the functions of steroid hormones including their precursors and receptors in prostate cancer as well as related diseases

Laurie Littlepage

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Modeling cancer progression in vivo to develop biomarkers and therapies; contributions of the microenvironment to breast and prostate cancers

Xin Lu

Biological Sciences

Molecular Understanding and Immunotherapy of Metastatic Cancer; Novel Animal Models for Rare Cancers

Mary Ann McDowell

Biological Sciences


Joseph O'Tousa

Biological Sciences

Photoreceptor function and processes of retinal degeneration

Christopher Patzke

Biological Sciences

Human Neurons and Synapses: Development, Function and Disease

Jenifer Prosperi

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUSM-SB) and Biological Sciences (ND)

Breast cancer biology and chemotherapeutic resistance

Felipe H Santiago-Tirado

Biological Sciences

Cryptococcal cell biology and host interactions important for disease


Zachary Schafer

Biological Sciences

Cancer cell biology and metabolism

Molly Duman Scheel

Medical and Molecular Genetics (IUSM-SB) and Biological Sciences (ND)

Genetic and comparative analysis of invasive cellular growth; vector mosquito developmental genetics

Jeff Schorey

Biological Sciences

Immunology and Cell Biology of Mycobacterium - Host Cell Interactions

Margaret Schwarz

Pediatrics (IUSM-SB) and Chemistry and Biochemistry (ND)

Anti-angiogenic factors in lung and tumor development

Joshua Shrout

Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences; Biological Sciences

Bacterial biofilms, cell-cell signaling, and surface motility

Cody J. Smith

Biological Sciences

Development and Regeneration of the Nervous System

Sharon Stack

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Proteolysis and adhesion in cancer metastasis

Richard Taylor

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Synthetic organic chemistry; polyketide natural products as chemotherapeutic agents

Kevin Vaughan

Biological Sciences

Molecular basis of organelle transport

Katharine White

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Cellular pH dynamics; pH-sensitive mechanisms regulating proteins, pathways, and cancer cell behaviors

Rebecca Wingert

Biological Sciences

Developmental biology and regeneration