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Mobashery Portrait

Researcher discovers key to how a cell wall promotes bacterial replication

Author: Deanna Csomo McCool

There are more bacteria in our mouths than the population of people on the planet, and no matter how clean our houses are, they’re brimming with various types of these micro-organisms. Still, despite bacteria’s ubiquitous influence, there’s so much that scientists do not know about them, according to University of...
Nicholas Geraci

Q&A with Nicholas Geraci

Author: Kelly Thomson

Former Eck Institute for Global Health Fellow, Nicholas Geraci, discusses his current position, plans for the future, and his research as a student at Notre Dame. Geraci completed his PhD under Mary Ann McDowell in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Harrington Discovery Institute Invites Proposals for 2020

Author: Warren Family Center for Drug Discovery & Development

Harrington Discovery Institute Invites Proposals For 2020 Harrington Uk Rare Disease Scholar Award Originally published by Warren Family Center for Drug Discovery & Development…
Nanoparticle P Nallathamby

New technology could help tackle antibiotic resistance

Author: Brandi Wampler

According to the World Health Organization, one of the biggest health threats around the world is antibiotic-resistant bacteria and researchers at the University of Notre Dame are working to combat this problem by developing a nanoparticle-based system.

Director's Message, Winter 2020

Author: M. Sharon Stack, PhD

Phillip L. “Pete” Stack, Graduation Day 1951, Dillon Hall While I was working on my Master’s degree, diligently investigating the effects of ozone-induced free radicals on the structure and function of key proteinase inhibitors that prevent oxidative damage to lung tissue, my father was rapidly losing his battle with lung...

Graduate students encouraged to apply to new fellowship program to advance research and communication skills

Author: Brandi Wampler

The Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study (NDIAS) and the Graduate School have launched a year-long fellowship program that aims to help students accelerate their dissertations, develop their research communication skills, and cultivate professional and scholarly networks, all within the context of a vibrant and supportive intellectual community.
Screen Shot 2019 11 18 At 3

Notre Dame announces the Center for Network and Data Science

Author: Brandi Wampler

At the University of Notre Dame, the Center for Network and Data Science (CNDS) – formerly known as the Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science and Applications (iCeNSA) – brings together faculty and other researchers to generate fundamental transformative advances in artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and network science with interdisciplinary...
Screen Shot 2019 12 13 At 9

Stack paper featured in special journal issue on cancer research

Author: Brandi Wampler and Deanna McCool

A paper published in 2017 from M. Sharon Stack, the Anne F. Dunne and Elizabeth Riley Director of the Harper Cancer Research Institute at the University of Notre Dame, has been selected as a featured article in the special virtual issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry that highlights cancer...
Corcelli 1200

Steven Corcelli Appointed Associate Dean

Author: Rebecca Hicks

Steven A. Corcelli, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, has been appointed the College of Science’s first Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Studies and Faculty Development.
Malariadreamchallengemap Feature

Strength in numbers: Crowdsourcing challenge seeks new methods to combat drug-resistant malaria

Author: Jessica Sieff

Three hundred and sixty participants from 31 countries participated in the Malaria DREAM Challenge, a crowdsourcing effort challenging anyone in the world to develop computational models for predicting emerging drug resistance to artemisinin, a widely used therapeutic considered the “last line of defense” against multi-drug-resistant malaria.   
Kevin Lannon 1200

Notre Dame's infrastructure for machine learning to be expanded

Author: Deanna Csomo McCool

The University of Notre Dame is bolstering cyberinfrastructure that will support greater access to machine learning. Four professors in the College of Science were awarded a two-year grant through the National Science Foundation (NSF) that will establish the creation of a pool of new computer nodes dedicated to providing researchers with new...
Crislyn D Souza Schorey1

Up Close with the Department Chair

Author: Matt Frazier

Crislyn D’Souza-Schorey is Professor and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences.  She is the first woman to serve in the role. In addition to oversight of a department of over 80 faculty and one of the largest undergraduate majors and graduate programs on campus, she also runs her cancer...
Tianhe Huang

Dr. Tianhe Huang awarded an Early Investigator Research Award

Author: Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases

Congratulations to Dr. Tianhe Huang for an Early Investigator Research Award by the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) of the Department of Defense.

Atomwise Aims Awards

Author: Warren Family Center

Atomwise Aims Awards Flyer Fall 2019 Originally published by Warren Family Center at on October 29, 2019.…

2019 Warren RFA

Author: Warren Family Center

2019 Rfa Announcement Originally published by Warren Family Center at on October 29, 2019.…
Analytical Chemistry Meeting

Analytical chemistry program at Notre Dame climbs into national ranking

Author: Deanna Csomo McCool

Ten years after AD&T was formed, the combined efforts of many people who shared in one professor's vision have propelled Notre Dame to 13th in the nation for analytical chemistry, according to a recent U.S. News and World Report ranking of the best graduate school programs.
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