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Dean Mary Galvin 2 Feature

Endowment honors legacy of College of Science Dean Mary E. Galvin

Author: Tammi Freehling

More than 25 members of the advisory council for the College of Science at the University of Notre Dame have contributed over $11 million to endow the Science and Engineering Scholars Program in honor of Mary E. Galvin, the William K. Warren Foundation Dean of the college.
Angana Mukherjee 1200 X 675

Mukherjee to focus on the genetics of antimalarial drug resistance

Author: Naya Tadavarthy

Molecular parasitologist Angana Mukherjee is excited to work with the Boler-Parseghian Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases (CRND) to study the genetics of antimalarial drug resistance, in her new position as an assistant research professor in the Department of Biological Sciences.
Dean Mary Galvin 2 Feature

Dean Galvin’s impact and legacy

Author: Tammi Freehling

Mary E. Galvin, the William K. Warren Foundation Dean of the College of Science at the University of Notre Dame since 2015, recently announced she will step down from the position effective December 31, 2020.…

Notre Dame announces the Institute for Precision Health

Author: Brandi Wampler

Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics has become the Institute for Precision Health, a re-envisioning that engages scientists, engineers, and clinical practitioners in research, education, and entrepreneurship programs that advance individualized health and wellness.

WFCDD RFA Request for Applications-Now Open

Author: Warren Family Center

The Warren Center for Drug Discovery invites new proposals for projects that are associated with drug discovery. In particular, projects associated with small molecule synthesis (libraries or molecular probes), hit validation, lead optimization, mid-sized scale up, assay development, protein purification, and ADMET screening. Any disease areas will be considered. Collaborative opportunities...
Mc 2

Cancer cells mediate immune suppression in the brain

Author: Deanna Csomo McCool

In newly published research in the journal Cell, researchers showed that one type of cell important for immunity, called a myeloid cell, can suppress the immune response — which has the effect of allowing breast cancer cells to metastasize to the brain to form secondary tumor cells there.
Bj 10

Notre Dame joins the Indiana Data Partnership

Author: Brandi Wampler

As part of the statewide partnership, Notre Dame and IDP partners can securely share data and best practices that benefits research and other projects, components, and reports for datasets, and shares the results of research projects relevant to the goals of the IDP.

Researchers identify process for regenerating neurons in the eye and brain

Author: Brandi Klingerman

A team of researchers from the University of Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins University, Ohio State University and the University of Florida has identified networks of genes that regulate the process responsible for determining whether neurons will regenerate in certain animals, such as zebrafish.
Considerthis Social Sign C6 Socialpromo

Notre Dame launches “Consider This!” a weekly webinar series discussing COVID-19

Author: Brandi Wampler

Starting in October, each Monday from 6 to 7 p.m. EST, coronavirus experts will discuss a new aspect or angle of the pandemic, such as epidemiology, food security, public health, racial inequities, testing, vaccines, and evidence used to inform decisions about opening schools, athletics, and businesses. 
Christophr Patzke 2

Neurobiologist Christopher Patzke joins Notre Dame faculty

Author: Naya Tadavarthy

Christopher Patzke joined Notre Dame this August as the John M. and Mary Jo Boler Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology and the Boler-Parseghian Center for Rare & Neglected Diseases. His neurobiology research focuses on the genetic makeup of the human brain at the cellular level.
Mc 8

Attend the 2020 virtual Core Facility Fair

Author: Brandi Wampler

On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, Notre Dame Research will host a virtual Core Facility Fair from 9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. EST. The event is open to students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty, and staff.
Smith Schrieber

Dye Boosts Bioimaging Capability

Author: Sarah Chapman

 Fluorescence imaging has been a boon to research and medicine because of its ability to examine affected areas noninvasively. But the dyes used for these purposes have their disadvantages, and as resolution needs have grown stronger, the stakes for accuracy have increased exponentially.   …

Notre Dame pivots funding and research to tackle COVID-19

Author: Brandi Wampler

The Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics research center announced new awards to enable faculty researchers to pivot or expand their existing research to address the detection, diagnosis, treatment, or prognosis of COVID-19 viral infections and related serious medical conditions. 
Brian Baker Feature

How T-cell targets look in three dimensions may facilitate new cancer vaccines

Author: Deanna Csomo McCool

T-cells, which hunt for traces of disease within other cells, work by identifying fragments of outsider proteins on a diseased cell’s surface and then go in for the literal kill. With cancer, some of the mutated fragments of outsider proteins, called neoepitopes, can be recognized by T-cells and are ideal...
Screenshot 9

NDIIF Virtual Town Hall Presentation

Author: Sarah Chapman

  The Notre Dame Integrated Imaging Facility has been embedded within the University of Notre Dame campus for over ten years working closely with students and faculty alike at the forefront of research to develop and explore critical questions that create and explore opportunity for health, innovation, and advancement.…
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