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Biophysics & Structural Biology

Biophysics & Structural Biology

Researchers in the IBMS Biophysics and Structural Biology cluster use the principles of chemistry and physics to study biological molecules and biomolecular systems ranging in complexity from objects on the atomic and molecular scale to larger assemblies such as membranes and organelles. A focus of the program are the dynamics, architecture, and physical properties of biological molecules, with an overall aim of understanding these features in the context of biological function. Researchers in the program use a variety of complementary biophysical, biochemical, and computational techniques, including nuclear magnetic resonance, X-ray crystallography, mass spectrometry, and computational simulations. Students will learn to approach biological and biochemical questions from the perspective of physics and physical chemistry, gaining an appreciation for how fundamental principles impact and ultimately give rise to biology.

Image: Structural model of the hydration and ion atmosphere of a mutagenic dye in the minor groove of DNA. Courtesy of the laboratory of Steve Corcelli


Biophysics & Structural Biology

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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
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Participating Faculty

Brian Baker

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Structural biology and biophysics of recognition and signaling in immunity, cancer, and antibiotic resistance

Basar Bilgicer

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Biophysical chemistry and biomolecular drug design

Jessica Brown

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Studies of RNA triple helices using structural and biochemical approaches

Francis Castellino

Chemistry and Biochemistry

In vitro and in vivo relationships between hemostasis and inflammation

Patricia L. Clark

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Protein biophysics in living cells

Steve Corcelli

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Theoretical and computational studies of reaction dynamics

Saurja DasGupta

Chemistry and Biochemistry

RNA structure, function, and evolution, RNA Biology, Origins of life

Juan Del Valle

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Design, chemical synthesis, biological evaluation of modulators of protein-protein interactions, ER stress response inhibitors, non-ribosomal peptide natural products; cancer, neurodegenerative disease, bacterial infections

Holly Goodson

Chemistry and Biochemistry; Biological Sciences

Molecular and cell biology and biophysics

Shahriar Mobashery

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bioorganic and biochemistry of antibiotic resistance and cancer metastasis

Brittany Morgan

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Targeting RNA-binding proteins to understand structure, function, and dynamics

Jeffrey Peng

Chemistry and Biochemistry; Physics

NMR methods and biomolecular dynamics

Anthony S. Serianni

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Biomolecular structure and NMR spectroscopy

Arnaldo Serrano

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Nonlinear spectroscopic studies of protein dynamics

Zoltan Toroczkai


Network modeling in biochemistry, biophysics, and biology

Katharine White

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Cellular pH dynamics; pH-sensitive mechanisms regulating proteins, pathways, and cancer cell behaviors

Olaf Wiest

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Computational drug design

Jeremiah Zartman

Biological Sciences

systems biology of organ growth and regeneration; reverse-engineering signaling networks and biophysical mechanisms that regulate cell decisions such as differentiation, proliferation, and apoptosis, as it relates to organogenesis, cancer, and wound healing