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Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Researchers in the IBMS Computational Biology and Bioinformatics cluster model the behavior of biological molecules and biomolecular systems across a range of time and length scales. Studies range from atomic simulations of proteins and carbohydrates to the generation of computational models for processes such as protein folding and interactions, the growth and regulation of the cytoskeleton, and multicomponent and multicellular emergent behavior. Additional studies extract detail from large biochemical datasets, using computational algorithms to identify patterns in gene expression, genome sequences, and metabolic networks. Although their research questions are diverse, students in the cluster share a common goal of addressing key biomedical problems using sophisticated computational algorithms.

Image: Microarray data tracking the expression of multiple genes in real time.


Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Holly Goodson (website>)
Department of Biological Sciences
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Participating Faculty

Brian Baker

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Structural biology and biophysics of recognition and signaling in immunity, cancer, and antibiotic resistance

Patricia L. Clark

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Protein biophysics in living cells

Steve Corcelli

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Theoretical and computational studies of reaction dynamics

Jeffrey Feder

Biological Sciences

Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of interactions between disease carrying insects and their human hosts; Chagas, malaria

Michael Ferdig

Biological Sciences

Genetics and genomics of drug resistance and virulence in the malaria parasite

Kelsey Gasior

Applied & Computational Mathematics & Statistics

Using an interdisciplinary approach to understand the multiscale dynamics controlling spatio-temporal patterns necessary for cellular function

Holly Goodson

Chemistry and Biochemistry; Biological Sciences

Molecular and cell biology and biophysics

Kasturi Haldar

Biological Sciences

Understanding disease pathology and developing treatments in rare and neglected diseases

Bei Hu

Applied & Computational Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematical modeling of tumor growth

Jun Li

Applied & Computational Mathematics & Statistics

Applied Statistics, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, specialized in modeling, inferring, and testing on large datasets, developing new statistical and machine learning methods for challenging datasets (e.g., RNA-seq)

Shahriar Mobashery

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bioorganic and biochemistry of antibiotic resistance and cancer metastasis

Jeffrey Peng

Chemistry and Biochemistry; Physics

NMR methods and biomolecular dynamics

Alex Perkins

Biological Sciences

Infectious disease transmission and control; mathematical, computational, and statistical approaches

Robert Rosenbaum

Applied & Computational Mathematics & Statistics

Computational Neuroscience, Motor Learning, Cortical Microcircuits

Santiago S. Schnell

Biological Sciences

Development of meta-analysis studies to assess the reproducibility of findings, and promote approaches to report findings with rigor, reproducibility, and robustness in the biomedical sciences

Jeremiah Zartman

Biological Sciences

systems biology of organ growth and regeneration; reverse-engineering signaling networks and biophysical mechanisms that regulate cell decisions such as differentiation, proliferation, and apoptosis, as it relates to organogenesis, cancer, and wound healing

Yongtao Zhang

Applied & Computational Mathematics & Statistics

Application of numerical algorithms to spatio-temporal patterning in biology