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Immunology & Infectious Disease

Immunology & Infectious Disease

Researchers in the IBMS Immunology and Infectious Disease cluster use a range of cross-disciplinary approaches to study the mechanisms of pathogen virulence, the immunological responses required for pathogen control, and the molecular and cellular interactions between host and pathogen. Diseases that affect individuals in low and middle income countries such as tuberculosis, malaria, and leishmaniasis are a major research focus for a number of faculty in the cluster. Other studies address autoimmunity, inflammatory diseases, cancer immunotherapy, and basic immunological mechanisms. Information garnered from the various laboratories has led to research into new vaccines, diagnostics, and drugs. Students in the cluster have the opportunity to use biochemical, molecular and cellular-based approaches, as well as whole-animal based systems to address their various research questions.

Image: Three dimensional structure of a melanoma vaccine candidate presented by a major histocompatibility complex protein. Courtesy of the laboratory of Brian Baker.


Immunology & Infectious Disease

Jeff Schorey (website>)
Department of Biological Sciences
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(574) 631-3734

Participating Faculty

Alvaro Acosta Serrano

Biological Sciences

We study the biology of kinetoplastid parasites and their insect vectors​ using biochemical, molecular and cellular approaches​ and develop new tools to prevent transmission of vector-borne pathogens



Brian Baker

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Structural biology and biophysics of recognition and signaling in immunity, cancer, and antibiotic resistance

David Boone

Microbiology & Immunology (IUSM-SB) and Biological Sciences (ND)

Genetics, cancer, and intestinal inflammation

Francis Castellino

Chemistry and Biochemistry

In vitro and in vivo relationships between hemostasis and inflammation

Patricia A. Champion

Biological Sciences

Molecular genetics of mycobacterial protein secretion and pathogenesis

Patricia L. Clark

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Protein biophysics in living cells

Ana Lidia Flores-Mireles

Biological Sciences

Molecular, Cellular, and Immunological Analysis of the Pathogenesis of Catheter-associated Infections

Kasturi Haldar

Biological Sciences

Understanding disease pathology and developing treatments in rare and neglected diseases

Cristian Koepfli

Biological Sciences

Molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases in Africa, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific

Shaun Lee

Biological Sciences

Molecular microbiology and biosynthesis of peptide antibiotics

Xin Lu

Biological Sciences

Molecular Understanding and Immunotherapy of Metastatic Cancer; Novel Animal Models for Rare Cancers

Mary Ann McDowell

Biological Sciences


Christian Melander

Chemistry and Biochemistry

New Approaches for Antibiotic Discovery

Shahriar Mobashery

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bioorganic and biochemistry of antibiotic resistance and cancer metastasis

Bernard Nahlen

Biological Sciences

Studies of efficacy/effectiveness of tools for control of communicable diseases, interactions between HIV and malaria, malaria prevention

Alex Perkins

Biological Sciences

Infectious disease transmission and control; mathematical, computational, and statistical approaches

Felipe H Santiago-Tirado

Biological Sciences

Cryptococcal cell biology and host interactions important for disease


Molly Duman Scheel

Medical and Molecular Genetics (IUSM-SB) and Biological Sciences (ND)

Genetic and comparative analysis of invasive cellular growth; vector mosquito developmental genetics

Jeff Schorey

Biological Sciences

Immunology and Cell Biology of Mycobacterium - Host Cell Interactions

Margaret Schwarz

Pediatrics (IUSM-SB) and Chemistry and Biochemistry (ND)

Anti-angiogenic factors in lung and tumor development

Joshua Shrout

Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences; Biological Sciences

Bacterial biofilms, cell-cell signaling, and surface motility