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Tue Sep 27, 2022

Department Seminar: Felipe Santiago-Tirado

Felipe Santiago-Tirado, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, will be presenting a department seminar entitled  “Understanding a sugar-coated killer: host interactions and fungal factors in cryptococcal infection” Originally published at…

Wed Sep 28, 2022

Thu Sep 29, 2022

Thu Oct 6, 2022

Thu Oct 6, 2022

Steven Lopez (Northeastern University)

"Accessing Strained Molecules via Photochemical Pericyclic Reactions with Machine Learning Accelerated Non-adiabatic Molecular Dynamics Simulations"

Fri Dec 2, 2022

The Christmas Lecture & Reception

Jordan Ellenberg   About The Christmas Lecture The Christmas Lecture presented by the College of Science aims to inspire in general audiences from age 5 to 105 the curiosity and wonder of scientific inquiry. Modeled after the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lecture…
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