Research and Training Clusters

Structural Biology & Biophysics

Biophysics & Structural Biology

Researchers in structural biology and biophysics study the structures, dynamics, architecture, and physical behavior of biological molecules and biomolecular assemblies using complementary physical, biochemical, and computational techniques.

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Genomics & Proteomics

Genomics & Proteomics

Researchers in genomics and proteomics study the organization and products of genomes, especially the functional proteins, aiming to understand biological pathways, networks, and their relationships with the information content of the cell. 

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Cancer Biology

Cancer Biology

Researchers in cancer biology perform basic and translational research relating to the detection, prevention, onset, and treatment of cancer. Expertise includes oncogenes and growth factors, cell adhesion, metastasis, tumor microenvironment, and tumor immunology.

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Immunology & Infectious Disease

Immunology & Infectious Disease

Researchers in immunology and infectious disease use cross-disciplinary approaches to investigate the mechanisms pathogen virulence, immunological responses required for control, and the interactions between host and pathogen.

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Chemical Biology & Molecular Pharmacology

Chemical Biology & Molecular Pharmacology

Researchers in chemical biology and molecular pharmacology study drug action and drug design and develop synthetic compounds to probe and control biological process.

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Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Researchers in computational biology and bioinformatics study large datasets such as sequences, microarrays, and metabolic networks, and use computational algorithms to model and understand complex biological systems. 

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Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology

Cellular & Molecular Biology

Researchers in cellular and molecular biology aim to understand the functions and mechanisms of biological processes at molecular and cellular level and investigate how they contribute to cell and organism development.

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Researchers in neuroscience draw on intellectual traditions and technical capabilities existing in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, to study the structures, functions, and mechanisms of the nervous system and brain.

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The Integrated Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program at the University of Notre Dame is a cross-departmental PhD program for research and training in a range of fields in the biomedical sciences. Scientists across the campus, representing 55 different research groups, are organized into thematic Research and Training Clusters that offer students the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge biomedical research that transcends traditional departmental and disciplinary boundaries. Explore our program here, or download a brochure that describes the key aspects.

Recent News

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Notre Dame Research announces 2021 internal grant recipients

Author: Brandi Wampler

Twenty-three researchers from the University of Notre Dame have received awards through the Notre Dame Research (NDR) Internal Grant Program. The goal of this program is to support outstanding research, scholarship, or creative endeavor that will make a major contribution in any field of study.
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Forró to head Notre Dame’s new Stavropoulos Center for Complex Quantum Matter

Author: Deanna Csomo McCool

László Forró, professor at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Institute of Physics of Condensed Matter in Switzerland, has been named the inaugural director of the new Stavropoulos Center for Complex Quantum Matter at the University of Notre Dame, beginning in the fall of 2021.
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Harper Highlights Director's Message, Spring 2021

Author: Dr. M. Sharon Stack

Walther Cancer Foundation and Notre Dame Benefactors Endow Cancer Cure Ventures Program Effective eradication of cancer calls for a spectrum of approaches along the basic to clinical research continuum to develop an understanding of how to detect cancers in early stages, how tumors progress and metastasize, and how to treat...

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Wed Jun 23, 2021

Joseph Farris Dissertation Defense

Dissertation title: "Genotype-Phenotype Predictions in Rare Genetic Diseases: The Relationship between Glycine Decarboxylase Mutations and Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia Severity" Advisor: Kasturi Haldar Contact Cheryl Schairer for Zoom link,…