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Eliminating barriers for advancing biomedical science

The Integrated Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program at the University of Notre Dame is a cross-departmental PhD program for research and training in a range of fields in the biomedical sciences. Scientists across the campus, representing 55 different research groups, are organized into thematic Research and Training Clusters that offer students the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge biomedical research that transcends traditional departmental and disciplinary boundaries. Explore our program here, or download a brochure that describes the key aspects.

Recent News

Notre Dame Research Launches New Module on ND Mobile

Author: Brandi Klingerman

The module features the University’s key research areas, core facilities, and research news

Notre Dame Research (NDR) has launched a new module on the ND Mobile App. This module provides a snapshot of the research taking place at the University of Notre Dame while also providing important information for those conducting research on campus.

When discussing the module, Research Communications Program Director Joanne D. Fahey said, “ND Mobile allows its users to learn about everything from athletics to campus dining, and now the app will also offer that same level of accessibility and awareness for Notre Dame Research. Whether someone is visiting campus or is a faculty member or student, the ND Mobile App now provides an additional, easy-to-use resource to learn more about research, scholarship, and creative endeavor here at Notre Dame.”

The module offers five main sections: Our Research, How Do I…?, Twitter, News, and Contact. The ‘Our Research’ section offers insight into research in the colleges and schools as well as the University’s key research areas and core facilities. Like, ND Mobile users can now view videos or photos, read short descriptions, and find resource links for various research centers and institutes on campus. Read More

Eck Institute for Global Health to study Zika in Belize

Author: Jessica Sieff

Eck Institute for Global Health to study Zika in Belize

The University of Notre Dame has announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic, the Belize Ministry of Health and the Belize Vector and Ecology Center aimed at strengthening the country’s ability to respond to Zika virus and other arboviruses. Researchers are already working in Belize as part of the five-year project, which will include a full epidemiological and entomological surveillance study, training for health care professionals and public health awareness and education. Read More