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Chemical Biology & Molecular Pharmacology

Chemical Biology & Molecular Pharmacology

Researchers in the IBMS Chemical Biology and Molecular Pharmacology cluster use the principles of medicinal chemistry to study drugs and drug action, to develop synthetic compounds for exploration as new pharmaceuticals, and to probe and control normal and abnormal biological processes. Expertise includes synthetic chemistry (including combinatorial and natural product synthesis), structure-guided and computational drug design, toxicology and metabolism, and bioassay development. Research emphasizes the integration of biology and chemistry, ensuring that students in the cluster receive strong training in the interface between both fields and learn to exploit chemical diversity as a means to understand biology and advance human health.

Image: SB-3CT, a compound designed and produced in the Mobashery lab, is a potent inhibitor of cancer metastasis.


Chemical Biology & Molecular Pharmacology

Rob Stahelin (IUSM website>) (ND website>)
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Indiana University School of Medicine - South Bend
Adjunct Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Notre Dame
Contact by email
(574) 631-5054

Participating Faculty

Basar Bilgicer

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Biophysical chemistry and biomolecular drug design

Kasturi Haldar

Biological Sciences

Understanding disease pathology and developing treatments in rare and neglected diseases

Shaun Lee

Biological Sciences

Molecular microbiology and biosynthesis of peptide antibiotics

Shahriar Mobashery

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bioorganic and biochemistry of antibiotic resistance and cancer metastasis

Anthony S. Serianni

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Biomolecular structure and NMR spectroscopy

Patrick Sheets

Pharmacology and Toxicology (IUSM-SB) and Biological Sciences (ND)

Circuit properties of neurons that influence fear, pain, and autonomic regulation

Bradley Smith

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Biooganic and supramolecular chemistry; development of new reagents for biomedical imaging

Robert V. Stahelin

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUSM-SB) and Chemistry and Biochemistry (ND)

Proteins involved in cell signaling and membrane trafficking

Richard Taylor

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Synthetic organic chemistry; polyketide natural products as chemotherapeutic agents

Olaf Wiest

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Computational drug design