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Examining microarray data in the Ferdig lab

Students in the IBMS program have access to facilities and resources across the campus of the University of Notre Dame, including those at Indiana University School of Medicine - South Bend. These institutes, centers, and facilities offer a wide range of equipment and expertise, offering students the ability to engage in every aspect of modern biomedical research, including:

  • computational simulation of molecules and complex biological systems
  • characterization of the structures, dynamics, and physical properties of biological molecules
  • imaging of molecular assemblies, cells, and whole animals
  • genome sequencing and analysis
  • proteomic characterization ¬†
  • synthesis and testing of bioactive compounds
  • generation and characterization of transgenic animals

Relevant centers, institutes, and core facilities include:

The University of Notre Dame is also a partner of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI), a statewide collaboration of universities which facilitates the translation of scientific discoveries from the lab into clinical trials and new patient treatments. Through Notre Dame's participation in CTSI, IBMS students have access to facilities and experts at Purdue and Indiana University.