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News » Archives » September 2013

Research Prof. Mark Suckow: Fighting to cure prostate cancer

Author: Notre Dame News

Imagine your children, your nieces, nephews, or grandchildren losing a parent to cancer. Too many experiences and dreams are ripped away due to this terrible disease. But with new, more effective cancer treatments being developed, the prognosis for cancer patients is improving little by little. 

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New paper describes genetic connections between biological rhythms, timing of feeding and insulin sensitivity

Author: William G. Gilroy

Part of the research team investigating the role of the Id2 gene in circadian-metabolic function

A new study by a team of University of Notre Dame researchers, which appears in the Sept. 2 edition of the journal PLoS ONE, is a significant step in understanding the molecular genetic and physiological basis for a spectrum of metabolic diseases related to circadian function.

Obesity and diabetes have reached epidemic levels and are responsible for increased morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Furthermore, the incidence of metabolic disease is significantly elevated in shift-work personnel, revealing an important link between the circadian clock, the sleep-wake cycle, time-of-day feeding and metabolism. Read More