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News » Archives » December 2013

Dynamic Assembly of Nanoparticles in Nanocapillaries (DANCON): A Molecular Cancer Prescreening Technology

Author: Angela Cavalieri

Irregular expressions of a panel of regulatory microRNAs (miRNA) in blood and other physiological fluids may allow early screening of many kinds of cancer. However,  the current technologies for identifying and quantifying small numbers of these short (22 bases) molecules in physiological samples require expensive instrumentation and extensive personnel. These technical obstacles will prevent use of future cancer-screening tests in  doctor/dental clinics or even at home, where they can be personalized and used frequently for maximum effectiveness. Read More

Breast cancer research seeks to understand critical gene functions

Author: Michael Rodio

Tracy Vargo-Gogola

Cancer’s origin point—a human gene gone haywire—is, in many cases, also its weak spot. If you could block the abnormal function of a gene that is important for metastasis, the theory goes, then maybe you can stop cancer from spreading.

But there’s a catch—hit the weak spot with too much force, and you could trigger a cascade of side effects that may be as bad as the original cancer. Read More