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Notre Dame Research based Project wins Zahn Innovation Center Social Impact Grand Prize

Author: Chontel Syfox


VeriPAD, a startup created by a multidisciplinary team of City College of New York (CUNY) students and recent graduates in collaboration with University of Notre Dame faculty, was awarded the $25,000 Zahn Innovation Center social impact new venture competition grand prize.

Counterfeit and low-quality medication is a global pandemic, affecting developing countries in particular. VeriPAD, founded by CUNY graduates Da Wi Shin and Bishoy Ghobryal, provides a convenient and easy-to-use tool that allows people to detect the presence or absence of active ingredients in their medications. VeriPAD utilizes the paper analytical device (PAD), technology developed by Notre Dame researcher Marya Lieberman, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, which uses 12 chemical reactions to test the active ingredient in medications. The PAD can then be read by the app software created by the VeriPAD team to easily tell users whether their medication is counterfeit or not.

Along with the $25,000 grand prize the VeriPAD team automatically gained a spot on the Zahn Innovation Center’s 10-week accelerator program this summer. As a part of the program the team will receive a stipend, allowing them to work on their startup full-time over the summer months. Lieberman, Shin, and Ghobryal will work together in Kenya later this month. Over the next few months the team will finish the development of their app, pilot their product in Kenya and Lebanon, develop a full business plan, and receive expert help to apply for grants, competitions, and seed round or angel investments.

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Originally published by Chontel Syfox at on June 10, 2016.

Originally published by Chontel Syfox at on June 10, 2016.

Originally published by Chontel Syfox at on June 13, 2016.